How to Record Cell Phone Screen with Hidden Screen Recorder?

We all are worried about keeping our loved ones safe and secure. Be it your kids or your wife; you always want them to be safe from the hazards of social media and the online world as well. For the fact, we know that the online world is full of dangers and can target the people who are naive and not so smart to handle and understand the terrible activities. This is the reason most of these masterminds try to focus the kids and the ladies who are not so clever. The hidden Screen Recorder can be your way of saving your kids and your family.


Do you know how you can use a hidden screen recorder feature to save your kids from any of the hazards that can ruin their life and damage their personality?


We are here to tell you how you can use a TOS hidden screen R=recorder on the shelf phone to make sure that your kids are safe from any of the hazards that are alarming and dangerous for your kids.

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How to Record Cell Phone Screen Using the TOS Hidden Screen Recorder?

There are a lot of ways which you can use to record the screen of the cellphone. But the case in this situation is that you need to use the screen recorder remotely, and you also do not want your kids to know that you are recording the screen.


You need to follow the instructions to make sure that your kids are not rebellious in the end when they know that you, as a parent keeping an eye on them and controlling their activities.

·         Find out the application that offers you to use the feature of a hidden screen recorder. TheOneSpy app is the one that you can use because it is foolproof and provide you with the best service of using the hidden screen recorder feature on the targeted device.

·         Now you need to move further with exploring the application and what it has to offer. TheOneSpy app will provide you with a lot of features and several specifications that you can use when you sign up for the program.

·         Pick the procedure of TheOneSpy app and then download the application on the targeted device so that you can access that particular device remotely. Once done, you need access to the device using the remote access. You can access the device using the password given to you in the welcome email and putting this password to the control panel of the portal.

·         Now, after the setting up of the application, you can explore the targeted device. In the control panel of TheOneSpy app, you will find out the live screen recording feature.

·         Now with this feature, you can record the screen of the targeted device. You cannot only target the screen only, but also you can see the camera screen, and you can also monitor a video.

·         You will also have access to the applications that are downloaded on the phone, so you will be able to record the screen of the WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and any other application that is on the phone.


This is how you can use the hidden screen recorder on the targeted device. It will help you have the poet and evidence and information about a particular person and activities they will be doing in the coming days. It will not only save your kids from the wrong activities, but it will also help you understand the interest of your kids.



The TOS hidden screen recorder can be the savior for your kids and you as well. You need to follow the instructions and explore the features of the TheOneSpy app to know what else you can do with this application and software. It will not only help you save your kids, but you can also keep an eye on the employees and monitor their performance with this application.

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