How To Pass The Time Of Lockdown After You Have Bought A House?

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the whole by surprise. No one thought that a virus from Wuhan China would spread across the world so rapidly. This has affected everything including the real estate business and because of the lockdown the sale and purchase of the houses are limited.

Emotional stages people go through

As the saying goes that man is a social animal; he/ she can’t live behind closed doors for a very long time. So the impact of the lockdown because of the COVID-19 is more as people can’t communicate with each other as they used to. This affects the house buying business as well. But if you are living in House rent to own then you will face no issue of house buying.

  1. The first reaction of people about any kind of crisis is denial that anything is happening. They refuse to believe that the Coronavirus is spreading and more people are affected by it. They think that they can escape reality.
  2. After some time people start feeling a sense of positivity when the good news about how scientists and doctors are working on a vaccine or various things can prevent you from having the virus. During this period the people can pass their time doing various activities.
  3. As time passes the people start accepting the reality that the crisis at hand is genuine and a lot has to be done. During this time home buyers make efforts to try to close a deal with the sellers and decide for a date after the lockdown is lifted.
  4. As people find it hard to cope with the self-isolation and lockdown; a feeling of hopelessness surrounds them. As they get bored and have nothing to do; this drives them agitated and they become either depressed or extremely anxious.
  5. This stage comes when a person either losses someone they love or an item of interest. It can cause emotions of grief and it ultimately leads to anger. This grief and anger can also be of the feeling of loneliness.


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Passing the waiting time after house buying

If people want to pass their time with feelings of happiness and bliss; then they have to find some activities that can keep you busy during the time. These can either involve making arrangements for moving out or doing anything else.

Planning the move in

There are a lot of things to do after you have bought the house until the day of your move-in. The most important of all is to plan the move in. This procedure alone includes a lot of steps like sorting the thin, making lists and many more which can be helped by companies like Stop Renting Perth.

Categorize the thing to take

When you are deciding for a move into a new house; the first thing that you have to focus on is the size of the house and how many items can fit into space. You have to categorize the things that you need to pack and the lockdown gives you plenty of time for them.

Separate the unwanted items

People have a lot of stuff that they don’t want and because they lack time; but the lockdown has given them the opportunity to separate the things that you don’t want to take with you. You can box them and put labels so that they are left behind when you move out of the house.

Make arrangements to sell rejected stuff

The best way to do is to post all the stuff online. There are several ways through which you can post the items on various social media and other websites that people can use. You can put all details of the goods and the buyers can make deals through the internet.

Get a comprehensive virtual tour of the house

The real estate agents have to work even during a lockdown so that the business can continue. The buyers want to confirm various aspects of the house and this can be provided either by a virtual tour or sharing videos.

Search for ideas to décor the house

Whatever info buyers collect from the pictures, videos and virtual tour will definitely help you in deciding what kind of décor you want for the new house. You can make a list of what things you need for the new house.

Book a moving company

You can make arrangements for moving out of the old house and into the new one. The most appropriate way of doing it is to book the moving companies in advance. This will make the future preparation leading to the end of the lockdown.

House rent to own is the best

If you are currently living in a rental property then it is a good thing that you choose House rent to own. As there will be no need to move out or in or do anything at all.

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