5 simple tricks to make your house search easier

Finding the ideal house in Qatar can be an overwhelming task to do, particularly when done without much knowledge or research. We have gathered some effective property finding ways which will save you a lot of time in House search.

Qatar, a nation which is home to a cosmopolitan population, experiences an enormous flood of ex-pats and vacationers every year. The city is quite popular among ex-pats especially the working class which arrive at the airport with a hope to flourish their careers. 

The Middle Eastern country offers a variety of estates for rent. 

Here are a couple of tips to make your home hunting simple and timesaving in House Search

Don’t waste your time 

Finalising a budget is crucial before starting the house search hunt. If you are not aware of the spending limit, you will end up wasting your precious time visiting houses which you cannot afford. So, it is of utmost importance that you set up a realistic budget. Many financial experts have suggested that the rent of the property should never exceed your salary by 20-25%.

Pick the right neighbourhood

The next step is to choose a neighbourhood which is not far away from your workplace. The reason behind keeping your residence near your workplace is because the roads become extremely congested in Qatar, especially in the peak hours when everyone is leaving their homes or offices.

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So, if you live at a place that is tucked away from your workplace, you will waste hours in the traffic. Choose three or four areas which are within the proximity of your workplace and then search for a property within these localities.

Decide between Apartment and Villa

There are different types of houses available for rent in Qatar. For instance, you can choose between an apartment or a townhouse.

Compact-sized apartments such as a studio or a 1-bedroom flat are preferred by solo residents, while small families opt for 2-bed or 3-bed apartment.

Popular among large-sized families, townhouses and villas are slightly expensive. They come in various configurations, mostly starting from 3-bedroom capacity.

Whether you want to search for an apartment online or through a realtor, deciding what you want beforehand is very important.

Also, when you are searching for rented houses, you can find furnished homes. These are houses which are fully equipped with appliances and other furniture. The rent is slightly higher for these types of homes.

Finally, after you have picked between apartments and townhouses, furnished and unfurnished homes, shortlist some houses which you can visit with your realtor.

Hire a car rental

During your home pursuit, you are going to visit a wide range of properties that are situated in different neighbourhoods. Thus, getting a taxi each time could be a problem and a tedious procedure. To avoid these unnecessary hassles, you can opt to hire a vehicle for a full day.

Plan an in-person visit for House Search

While you are visiting a property, don’t forget to look for the following things:

  • Does the house have built-in wardrobes or fittings?
  • Are there any safety features? For instance, CCTV cameras and extra security. 
  • Will you get a parking spot?
  • Does it receive enough natural light?
  • Are there any balconies, terrace, or storerooms?
  • If it is an apartment, is it chiller-free?

Likewise, it is critical to consider the outer components with respect to the territory: 

  • How easy is it to access public transportation from the residence?
  • Is there any development going on close to the residence? 
  • Are there any market, schools and medical stores in the territory? 

If you get any resident passing by, strike up a conversation and ask his/her opinion on the neighbourhood and house. Startup a discussion, tell them about your concerns as you are thinking of moving in. They may give you useful advice. 

It can appear as a daunting task but if you know what to do, you can expect things to happen quite smoothly. Many people use public transportation for transit. We would highly recommend using a car rental service. You can easily get a car rental Doha and it will save you a lot of time.

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