Why does your cat poop in the house?

With unclean cats, one soon thinks of the cat that pees on the couch. But pooping in places that are not intended for this is of course just as much included. Why does your cat poop outside the box? In this article, you can read the most common reasons!

Most Common Reasons for Cat Poop in the House

Reason 1: Osteoarthritis

Do you have a cat over 6 years old? Then there is a chance that there is osteoarthritis. This is accompanied by painful joints. Getting in and out of the bin can be very unpleasant. Also adopting a squatting position is sometimes difficult for these cats.

Reason 2: Pooping hurts

The reasons for this can in themselves be very diverse. Think of a small gap on/around the anus, a violently irritating bowel with diarrhoea or being constipated. All hurts.

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Reason 3: Becoming demented

If you no longer know where your bin is or what the thing is meant for… what do you deposit your faeces for?

Reason 4: Set (flag) fragrance flags

Did you think spraying alone was an expression of marking? Pooping can also be a great way to define your territory. Reasons for marking are next to hormonal, often stress or anxiety-related. If you have excluded all physical causes for defecation, you can look for the causes of defecation at home together with a cat behaviour therapist.

Reason 5: Insufficient litter boxes

The golden rule for the number of litter boxes is “number of cats + 1”. That number does not just appear out of the blue. When we look at how cats pee and poo outside, it is striking that they prefer separate pee and poo spots. Yes, some cats do fine with a single bowl, but if you have unclean problems, it is advisable to reconsider this golden rule.

Reason 6: Not being able to sit quietly

Where are your litter boxes? In a living room with busy children perhaps? Or in a hall where many people walk by? Besides a washing machine? If your cat is going to defecate, he likes to take his time without being disturbed. If that doesn’t work, he’ll find a place where it works better.

Reason 7: The litter box itself

A fine litter box is one where your cat fits at least 1.5 times and where he can turn around, dig, turn around again. That succeeds as an adult 4 kg cat. usually not really on a kitten tray. No matter how cute and handy these bowls seem, it is no fun for your cat. It is also best to leave lids, doors, and flaps away. Think big, bigger, biggest!

By the way, an article has already appeared about the ideal litter box: Tips for the litter box

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Reason 8: Hygiene

That cats are very clean in themselves need no explanation for any cat owner. That certainly includes the litter box! Your cat’s sense of smell is many times better than ours.

By the time we smell the bowl ourselves, the smell will be unbearable for your cat. No wonder he then chooses another place!

Tip: Spoon out your containers daily and change the grit regularly

Reason 9: Cat litter

Most cats like fine, unscented soft grit that is most like sand. Jup, that’s why they sometimes choose a planter if possible. Or your child’s sandbox.

Wood pellets that fall apart when they get wet don’t dig very well. Silica granules (from those plastic-like chemical crystals) are downright painful to the sole pads. Then your deep pile carpet digs better…

What you should not do if your cat is unclean

Although there are sometimes clear reasons for this, enough cat owners remain convinced that the cat does this on purpose. It is best to punish cats who do this on purpose than the prevailing one gedachte. If you consider using your plant sprayer or any other punishment, I have some more reading material for you: The sense and nonsense of the plant sprayer.

Housebreaking cat Poops

If your cat is unclean for faeces or urine, always go to your vet first to rule out a medical cause. After that or at the same time, it is important to check whether the litter boxes meet the requirements of your cat. If you are unable to find a solution or are looking for a trained eye to watch with you, please contact a cat behaviour therapist.

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