Order the foods online at a reduced cost via Zomato Coupon Code


Zomato is an online application, which is used to order food online. This was originally launched in the name of Foodiebay in 2008. The founder of Foodiebay is Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. It started with a simple foundational idea with an internet directory for restaurant menus. After a few years, the name has been changed to Zomato so until now people call this app like Zomato.

This is very easy to use and it has been tie-up with many restaurants so buyers no need to go directly to have their favourite food to the restaurants.  Instead of that, they can get the food from their favourite restaurant through Zomato app with a reduced cost using the Zomato coupon code. Zomato is one of the best platforms to buy foods online at an affordable price. If you visit the restaurant directly to taste your food you might not get any discounts but Zomato offers a lot of discounts when you buy the same foods online.          

The growth factor of Zomato Coupon Code

In the beginning stage, this app has been established only in Delhi, and 2011 it was introduced in other cities such as Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Ahmadabad.  This app will for any Smartphone users, and it is a user-friendly mobile app. By 2012, it has been started in full gear with the other countries such as UAE, Srilanka, United Kingdom, South Africa, and more countries.

In 2013, more countries have been added into the list such as Turkey, Brazil, and New Zealand. In 2015, it is expanding the operations to build a new customer database. Therefore, after these operations, it has gained more customer database due to this good service. Many food apps have been started after seeing this growth. However, this app has created a bench among other food app competitors. Also, it is one of the best food apps, which is used by many customers regularly.

Best food App 2020

In the modern world, choosing the best food app is not an easy task, it is a difficult one. However, you will have more options through that you can find the best one. Compare the app one to another to find the right one. You can compare the app based on the services they provided and the cost of the food you are ordered online. Using the service and price you can find the best food app in 2020. As I previously said, Zomato is one of the best online food apps in 2020. You can order the foods from your favourite restaurant at a reduced cost using this Zomato coupons mobile app.

Zomato coupon codes at Tracedeals.in

When it comes to the Zomato you can find plenty of Zomato offers and discounts in the same app itself. In case you are not satisfied with those offers then consider the Tracedeals.in. It is the site where you can find many coupon codes for various products. Therefore, choose the site to get Zomato coupon codes and discounts to avail the discounts while buying foods online.   Zomato promo codes, coupon codes, promotional deals, discount offers will be applicable in the only online app. Make use of this and buy your favourite food with Zomato gold promo code. Tracedeals.in is a place where you are able to locate great deals too effectively.

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 How to order on Zomato

       First, you need to install the Zomato app on your Smartphone. Once it was installed open the Zomato app.

       Search your favourite restaurant using search option once you find the restaurant page click the button to open it then go to order delivery option from the right side.

       Once you have done this you will find the entire menu of the dishes along with the price.

       Add your favourite dish into your cart, after adding your preferred food dishes go to view cart from the bottom of your screen and see the dishes you have added.

       Along with dishes you can able to see the grand total price on the same page. Also, you can give some instructions to the specific restaurants if you won’t like if you want to add more spicy or allergic to something. So only the restaurant will add or avoid the food materials.

       Along with that, you find the enter the discount or Zomato coupon code, if you have that click and enter or select the discount then your grand total will be reduced as per the discounts.

       Once you have done all this submit and give your proper address where you want to deliver the food at. You will find this option at the bottom of the screen.

       After submitting that it will directly go to the payment option, so choose your preferred mode of payment.

       The payment options are cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, e-wallet, or other online payment methods. Once you have selected the payment method just click proceed option to place the order.



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