A true artist never dies- A tribute to RISHI and IRFAN

A true artist is always looked up to by the people in awe and is remembered through the work he leaves behind. A true artist never dies! Here is our tribute to Rishi and Irfan

We were in the midst of battling deadly COVID-19 by staying within those plain walls where anxiety and future instability was constantly gripping us, and there we woke up from a horrific nightmare!

We lost the person who taught us the journey from not having bucks to buy a ticket for Jurrasic Park to be a lead inĀ  One. The journey of hard work, resilience, flexibility, determination, and Dignity.


He was such a rare finished talent, thinking mind, a learned man, and a Sufi soul with a sense of light humor.

A memory of Tom Hanks shows what a cool person he was and how he would lit the room with his charming smile and contagious laughter.

He came into this world with a quest for Expression, Exploration, and True character. He lived his life in the search of cinematic magic and true craft. His body of work is vast and intense. From early glimpses to Doctor ki Maut, his breakthrough with Haasil, he actually achieved the scores! And then there were a series of remarkable movies that followed: Paan Singh Tomar to playing a defining role in PIKU to a decent lover boy in Lunchbox. With a god-like innocence, he showed to what great lengths a father can go for his child through his exemplary art in Hindi Medium and the Sequel.

He made his impact globally! HOLLYWOOD did witness the charm of A KHAN and that was him. Every single part that he embodied, he only expanded the possibilities of The craft of Acting. He once said ” Art is Life” almost like it’s a living vessel. And for times innumerable he has given art, a life.

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A true artist never dies- A tribute to RISHI and IRFAN

The world Was not even finish writing an obituary about Irfan Khan when another start fell apart and another depressing news crashed in. The classy chocolate boy of the fraternity who made us groove in ” Toh bolo Om Shanti Om” left us with a treasury of his wonders. The Untimely death of A legend – Rishi Kapoor. His love for films had so much energy, that no-one could afford to stand out to his expectations and details. He was so synonymous with life itself. Multifaceted, endearing, and lively.

Being from the Genetic Privilege, he never took it for granted. He gave his best shot at everything he did. And there has been no-one who could lipsync a song better than him. His playful attitude in everything he did was so infectious and eye-catching. Even in the gravest instances, he would discover that comedic spark to lighten up the mood.

He was like a distractive light which could make you push and fight against your weariness.

Rishi Kapoor Saheb was the original pin-up boy of the 1970s Who grew up to be everyone’s choice to play multifaceted characters.

From playing the quirky Akbar in Iconic Movie of Amar Akbar Anthony to a mainstream gangster of Rauf Lala in Agneepath, he showed he was a persona of Flexibility and Possibility.

He contributed 123 films to Artistic Cinema. Not only he was an artist, but he was also a vivid tweeter voicing up for every right cause, he was a critic giving a dimension and guidance to the youthful generation.

Two days. Two deaths.

Bollywood seems to be bearing the baggage of the Lockdown as it lost two of noted legends in the span of 24 hours and that is to Cancer.

But they fought with utmost Dignity and with a lionheart.

And I can smell a conspiracy in the air by God.

Two great lives preserved with him for the bad times that are yet to come.

They must have left the world with a smile and contagious Magic.

And wonders of work that will be an INSPIRATION to Millions.

Salute to the Best Ones we Had !!

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