How can car interior cleaning tips help us fight against Coronavirus?

car interior cleaning

It is now a proven fact that this corona virus infection is not distance limited and can remain effective after being suspended in the air for several hours. As such anyone driving or using the car should properly sanitize or do the 
car interior cleaning at home. Here are few of the tips I would like to give you for a short and simple car cleaning: 

  • Clean out the mess – Anything extra that you see inside, throw it out. Removing all the extras will make your car look more spacious. 
  • For A/C cleaning – To clean the fan, make use of the foam brush. This will make sure that the clean breathing air is coming the next time you switch on the A/C. 
  • To clean Dashboard – Use a damp cloth and germicide to clean the dashboard, music system, steering, the speedometer and the knob. 
  • For cleaning the seat – Your seat covers contain a lot of germs. So, you can use the water mixing with a germicide to clean after removing all the dust. 
  • When cleaning the floor all you need to do is take out the mat and dust of. Use soapy water to wash out. Rinse off the oil, and grease deposits using a hard brush. 
  • Windows and windshield cleaning – Use a soft cloth to rub the window and windshield and use a glass cleaning formula to clean it. 

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