Facilities available at Top 10 IGCSE schools in Bangalore

Top 10 IGCSE schools in Bangalore

  • The value of international schools is enhanced by their world-class facilities. Libraries at these schools have thousands of resources including globally renowned journals and magazines. Videos, audio, CD-ROMs are also offered by them for a wide range of subjects.
  • Internet access and computer labs are ideal for Programmers and Coders of the future
  • An unparallel bond among the students and teachers is facilitated by hi-tech, well-ventilated classrooms having exceptional facilities
  • The all-round development of the students is ensured through diverse activities and events that include the Annual Sports Day and Cultural Festival.
  • The Cambridge syllabus schools in Bangalore emphasize on development of strong interpersonal and soft skills amongst the students through diverse competitions

Nalapad Academy has today emerged as one of the Best International School in Bangalore. Our personalized and unique approach to education enables the students to achieve exceptional academic results. This is along with developing the skills and mindset for thriving in the dynamic modern world.

A powerfully bonded team of educators utilize innovative methods for teaching and guest lectures. This is for enabling and supporting students with academics and personality development as well.

Our aim is to provide a holistic learning experience through a blend of programs developed as per the international curriculum. It also includes immersive co-curricular activities for the students.


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