Expectations Vs Reality of Medical schools in Uganda

medical schools in uganda


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when asked about life in medical schools in Uganda? Even though most of you show interest in learning more about human anatomy and become doctors, you tend to step back when asked to choose your career after your high secondaries. It’s because to most of youlife at medical institutions is all about meeting high demands on time, taking too much pressure of managing oneself, and juggling through multiple responsibilities. But that’s not true. Being a part of such an institution also involves fun than you have ever had before. Surviving in here, may seem like an ominous task, for you but this article is there to reveal the reality of life in such colleges 

  • Expectations 1: Knowledge is limited within textbooks  

Reality: It will make you stay updated with the latest medical research 

It’s obvious to have this misconception that getting into such university will limit your knowledge and life within your textbooks. But that’s not so. Your lecturers who are actively involved in their field of interest always make sure to keep themselves updated with the latest advances, technologies and studies. Therefore, it will not only give you an opportunity to gain current scientific knowledge, beyond your textbooks but also will help you stay updated with each and everything that is going on in that area. Be it the latest cell reproduction pathways associated with tumors or the most recently discovered ion channels in the heart they will make sure to teach things well before it gets published in textbooks. That’s how you will be brought up to the current level of understanding. 

  • Expectation 2: No time to keep up with all your hobbies. 

Reality: But prioritization makes it possible  

Most of the students often have a misconception that it is impossible to fit in all their hobbies at medical schools in UgandaBut that’s wrong. If you wish to carry on with your interests, you can do it all by prioritizing your vitals.  Pick up the most favorite interest you would love to focus on first and schedule all your other hobbies for the later part of the day post your academic sessions. Follow this, and you will be able to manage your energy levels and get enough time to invest in every field. 



  • Expectation 3: There’s so much to learn throughout the degree 

Reality: More than anything and everything, skills are important 


It’s not mandatory to learn everything that’s included in your syllabusBut skillset is! This brings great relief to many medical students who have never considered skillsets to be a part of the degree. You do not need to know everything to become a great doctor. Your clinical skills, interpersonal skills and the ability for self-directed learning will take you much further. Always remember that your degree will teach you a lot about medicine, but doctors continue to keep learning for a lifetime! 


  • Expectation 4Getting into a medical school in Uganda will restrict your career. 

Reality: You have got lots of options to choose from 


Sure. There’s no doubt that getting into such school and studying medicine will help you become a doctor, but this is not where the career decision tree tapers off. There are a lot of medical courses and career options to choose from in Uganda and use your degree, both inside and outside a clinical environment. This is really exciting because by the time you graduateyou would come to know exactly which sub-specialIty or niche to fill from day one.  

Studying in a medical institution is hard. However, it’s the university that plays a major role in teaching students about doing things in the right way. Thus, getting into an exceptional college will help you feel less of an ordeal and more of an everyday stepping stone in achieving your goal of making a difference for the better.  

Among the lists of hundred medical schools, the Cavendish University is considered as one of the prestigious and extraordinary medical universities in Uganda that plays a huge role in shaping up students’ career and building self confidence in them. Through their unique student-centric model of teaching, and active participatory learning mode, they help their students to stay updated with the latest techniques, studies and help in polishing up their skills at different level. In CUU, you will learn to use educational interventions, gain experience in assessing the needs of a target population, and develop strategies to motivate and involve your patients in educational interventions. Not just that you will be made to work in different voluntary health agencies, public health departments, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, corporate worksites, and family planning clinics, to check your developmental, interpersonal and clinical skills. So, call up at +256 414531700 to apply and start a successful career with CUU today. 




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