Keeping Your Children Safe In Kiddie Pools

Kiddie pools are great sources of fun and recreation during the warm summer months. For children, what could be better than playing in a pool built just for them? There’s a wide variety of cheap kiddie pools in the market today. They come in all shapes and sizes – from big inflatable pools that even adults can use to really small wading pools for built for toddlers. A top automatic pool cleaner to clean your pool within minutes without any other efforts.

Don’t let the size of a kiddie pool allow you to get complacent about pool safety, especially when it comes to small children. Toddlers can easily drown in just a few inches of water. Ironically though, 9 out of every 10 drownings happen while a child is being supervised. You really have to be on your toes 100% of the time.

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Remember these pointers and tips to keep your children safe while using a plastic kiddie pool.

  • Use your eyes, not your ears. Contrary to popular belief, drowning usually happens silently. It’s not always accompanied by screaming and thrashing.

  • Communication among adults is crucial. If you need to leave the pool, make sure someone is there to take your place. Don’t assume they will take the responsibility immediately because you’re not there. You have to explicitly tell them that they are in charge while you’re gone.

  • Make sure the bottom and the sides of your kiddie pool aren’t too slippery. This is often caused by the build-up of algae. Clean your pool often with baking soda or effective cleaning agents.

  • Set a rule against rough play in the water. Kids love to play pretend and they can get a little bit rowdy. They can push one another underwater.

  • Limit the number of kids in the pool at any given time. Let them take turns. Having too many people in the pool can potentially result in needless accidents.

  • Learn CPR. You can easily take short lessons at your local Red Cross agency or through the various adult learning programs available across the country. If you have older children in the family, get them to learn CPR too.

  • Get a Safety Turtle. It’s a device that you put around your child’s wrist that sets off an alarm when he or she falls into the water.

  • Keep the water in the pool sanitized. While it’s more economical to just leave the water in, throwing it out after use can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in medical bills. Also, make it a habit to always scrub the bottom and sides of your kiddie pool when not in use. Use disinfectants and cleaning agents to get rid of germs. If you’re a bit uneasy about introducing these chemicals to your kids, good old vinegar and baking soda should do the trick.

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