Tips To Boost Your Immunity To Fight Coronavirus COVID-19

A Coronavirus (COVID-19) patient’s most comprehensive yet experimental research has provided promising results regarding the capacity of the human immune system to suppress the virus and aid the body heal.  The most significant theoretical question regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the effectiveness and durability of the human immune response. Our immune systems are designed to fight diseases and sicknesses. But unfortunately, many things typical of modern life like stress, toxins, lack of exercise and unhealthy eating can wear out our immune system. It prevents our body from effectively fighting against the sickness.

With the rapidly growing cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is very important to support our immune system.

Following are some of the essential ways to boost our immunity and fight CoronaVirus COVID-19

1. Reduce stress

Those are stressful periods and a prolonged period indoors has consequences on your emotional health. The growing stress and anxiety around the pandemic is another reason that is affecting the millions across the world. Our body releases stress hormones that tax the immune system when we are stressed. While the confusion can be stressful, there are few measures we may take daily to help alleviate our tension. Tension hurts immunity. So, if you are already stressed out taking adrenal support supplements and practising meditation can be helpful.  Thus, one of the most important methods to boost the immune system is to reduce stress.

2. Sleep whenever you are tired

Regular 7-8 hours snooze period is the perfect way to help the body develop immunity; insufficient sleep can make you exhausted and hamper the brain function. We stress and hurt our immunity but not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep can hinder certain body processes that will impact the immunity directly. It also hurts the flu vaccine’s effectiveness. One of the best ways to improve your sleep pattern is to avoid caffeinated drinks; at least 10 hours before sleep.

3. Consume immunity-boosting vitamins

The food you consume on an everyday basis determines and plays a vital role in your overall health and immunity. Consume low carb foods, which will help you to control your high blood sugar and pressure. It helps to reduce diabetes and focus on a protein-rich diet which will keep you in good shape. Consume vegetables and fruits which are rich in Beta carotene, Ascorbic acid, and other essential vitamins. Garlic, broccoli, spinach and citrus are some of the immunity supporting foods. If you have a weak immunity system, you can also take Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and Vitamin D and Zinc. Foods like mushrooms, tomato, bell pepper, and green vegetables are good options to build resilience in the body against infections.

4. Reduce Inflammation

Sugar, fried products, edible fats, and alcohol appear to be toxic substances as they are busy with the digestive system. One can consume healthy fats, like olive oil and salmon to boost the immune response to pathogens by decreasing inflammation. Although a low level of inflammation is a general response of stress or injury, chronic inflammation can lead to suppression of your immune system. Therefore, avoiding such toxic foods and replacing them with healthy supplements can be very beneficial to improve your immunity.


5. Exercise, but not too much

Exercise is a very effective way of boosting your immune system. Some studies suggest that even a single session of the moderate session can boost the effectiveness of vaccines in people with a compromised immune system. But we have to be careful as too much exercise can cause stress on your body and can be tough on your immune system. So, while exercising, keep the stress low and rest if you are tired. You can start doing moderate exercise that includes brisk walking, steady bicycle, jogging, and swimming. Research suggests that people should aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.

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6. Staying hydrated indirectly help your immunity to fight Corona Virus (COVID-19)

To remain hydrated consume up to 8-10 glasses of water per day. Hydration can continue to clear away the body’s contaminants and reduce the flu-chances. Many alternatives include citrus juices and coconut water, to fight the heat. You may need more fluids if you workout intensely, work in the outside field and if you live in a hot climate. Especially the older adults need to drink water regularly as they tend to lose the urge of drinking water once they start ageing. Hydration does not protect you from germs and viruses but is very vital to your overall health.

As our health care professionals are battling the war against the Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, we should do our best by restricting our access to the infection by remaining inside, socially isolated, eating well, hydrated and observing simple hygiene procedures.

About the author: Tips To Boost Your Immunity To Fight Coronavirus COVID-19

Ronisha Shrestha,

I’m a passionate researcher and currently a marketing officer at Clinic One, where I got the chance to meet and engage with various health professionals. My recent interview with an infectious diseases research specialist has made it possible for me to write this article and publish it here.

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