IUI Treatment at IVF Centre in Jaipur

When there is any issue or infertility problem then IUI is one of the infertility treatments done at the IVF center.

IUI Intrauterine insemination treatment is another form of assisted reproductive procedures in which the sperm of the male is inserted directly into the uterus of the female partner.  Usually, when the intercourse happens, the man releases the sperm in the female body, which swims into the female reproductive organs and fuses with the woman’s egg, making pregnancy positive. But when there is any issue or infertility problem then IUI is one of the infertility treatments done at the IVF center.

In recent years Jaipur has seen an increase in infertility cases among females. As more and more ladies are going out to work, and face day-to-day stress in daily life, their body becomes more sensitive, affecting psychologically. The problem is about men too.  As a result, their reproductive system gets affected leading to infertility problems.

But Jaipur is a progressive city in Rajasthan, India which has many good IVF centres using advanced technologies and having a high success rate of getting their patient pregnant. The treatments are also affordable to most of the people.

There are many IVF centres in Jaipur and among them  Mishka, IVF center is the most recommended one. They have the IVF specialist doctor, DR Ruchi Bhandari, giving the best IUI treatment with advanced laboratories and best facilities in the city.

IVF or IUI: Basic Difference 

According to the doctor, many patients are confused with IUI treatment and IVF treatment. She says it is important to understand the basic difference between them and then should go with the treatment.  IUI and IVF are both artificial insemination procedures, means in both cases the sperm is artificially inserted in the woman’s uterus, but both differ in the procedure, cost and technique.

Who should go for IUI treatment?

Infertility specialists prescribe IUI treatment to those cases where sperm count is low or the sperm mobility is slow. They also prescribe the treatment to other cases like ;

Sometimes there is an unexplained reason for infertility, where it is assumed that when sperms enter the female body during intercourse, the female body fights and restrains the sperm to swim inside her. In such cases even when everything is right among partners,  the woman remains infertile or cannot get pregnant. The same hindrance can also be because of cervical scar tissues or cervical mucus problem.

Sometimes the premature ejaculation also releases the sperm when the eggs are not ready to ovulate for fertilization.

There are quite many possibilities of females producing low-quality eggs because of psychological stress or physical weakness which ultimately leads to infertility symptoms. 

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What is the procedure for IUI treatment:

To start the procedure of IUI treatment the female body must ovulate and male semen has a good count of sperm.  So the IVF specialist stimulates ovulation through medicines and then keeps the continuous monitoring to see when the eggs are ready to mature.

The procedure starts with identifying the right time to insert semen. On the best day, the lab will wash the semen sample to separate them from the seminal fluid. Then a catheter filled with the sperm will be used for artificial insemination directly in the uterus. 

Time is taken in IUI procedure: Only a few minutes

Is it painful: only mild pain while entering the catheter

Repetition of procedure: Usually done for 3 times on alternate days. 

The success rate of IUI treatment 

IUI  Intrauterine insemination treatment is a sensitive procedure which needs continuous monitoring of egg ovulation period. It also needs to monitor the quality of eggs produced by the female body. The success rate of IUI treatment depends on which day the treatment is done. If the treatment is done on the exact ovulation day with the good quality of eggs released by women and the good count of semen, then the success rate is on the higher side.

Cost of IUI treatment

Cost of IUI treatment is comparatively cheaper than IVF treatment. The cost usually falls under Rs 3000- Rs 5000 per IUI cycle.

Medication for IUI treatment

Before going for treatment the doctor prescribes medicine to the women so she can produce high-quality eggs and have a proper menstrual cycle. They also give medication to men to increase their sperm count. 

When is the best ovulation day

It is being said that the best ovulation day is a 14th day before your period starts. If your Menstruation cycle is of 28 days then 12th 13 Th, 14th 16 Th 18 This very, very important day to do the procedure of IUI. 

Whom should I visit for IUI treatment

The IVF specialist is the best person to treat the causes of infertility. 

Where should I go for IUI treatment

As we have already discussed, IUI  treatment is the sophisticated procedure that requires continuous monitoring of the patient and their ovulation cycle and creating best possibilities for insemination hence it is very important to choose the expert to do the treatment. IVF centres are the specialised centre in treating infertility problems and are the best to visit for your IUI treatment. In Jaipur, I recommend Mishka IVF center for their thorough specialization and expertise.


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