5 Best Alternate Versions of Symbiotes You Must Know

5 Spider-Carnage 

What’s cooler than Cletus Kasady is carnage a determined Peter Parker whose carnage with bigger ambitions like destroying. The multiverse that was the goal of spider-carnage from alternate earth that we got to visit alongside. The main continuity spider-man in the episode of Spider Wars part 1 from the 90s spider-man animated series. Spider-man was forced to amass an army of alternate selves plus an alternate Uncle Ben to put a stop to spider-carnage she became a killer after the tragic loss of both his Uncle Ben and his Aunt May. 

4 First-Draft Venom 

Did you know that any Brock wasn’t the original idea for venom at least that’s how the story goes when David Micheline originally pitched the origins for Venom? It wasn’t Eddie Brock in the driver’s seat of this symbiotic relationship it was a female character instead the mission lady’s original pitch had been accepted. We’d have seen a different story one that featured the tragic story of a woman who lost her family all because spider-man personally I think gave her more reason to become an even greater villain than any. Bronc was the origin story went that the woman was pregnant and was going into labor She and her husband were rushing to the hospital and her husband stepped into the street to frantically hail a cab. Unfortunately, everyone was distracted by a battle happening between spider-man and a super in the sky above at the time and the woman watches as her husband is mercilessly run over. She immediately goes into labor and loses her baby as well to boot foo ruff admitted to a mental institution. she blamed spider-man for her loss and you can likely guess what happens next this would have potentially made for an even more compelling and tragic story than the one we got with any Brock also I would be thinking kind of fair may be that you’re upset.

3 Ultimate Venom 

There are a couple of different versions of ultimate venom on the earth of 1610 the Conrad Marcus version and the Eddie Brock Jr. version. This alternate version of the Venom symbiote was created to be a cure for cancer as opposed to being an alien entity from outer space. And as such it’s healing and regenerative properties supersede even the earth-616 version like in the Tom Hardy venom verse. However, this suit can only bond with specific people that it’s been created for, and if it isn’t compatible it will kill you following down that same murderous path. You can watch your favorite Tv Shows on MovieHustle in the best quality result. It has an insatiable hunger and needs to feed off others to survive to fail to keep it properly fed can result in consuming. Its wearer instead but it’s only other weakness is to extremely strong electric shocks. Extremely strong this gigantic powerhouse of a symbiote is stronger than both Miles Morales and Peter Parker of Earth 1610 combined so it’s also stronger than ours none of my tanks also just looks bigger. 

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2 GR 35 

This version of the suspected Venom symbiote shows up at the end of the 2018 spider-man game which takes place on earth 1 0 4 8 this universe also has its comics now as well so you can read those if you like it. This symbiote appears to show up in a secret lab in a tank with Harry Osborn labeled EGR 35 likely a reference to the Ultimate Universe. It’s suspected that we will likely see this version of the symbiote in action in the second game and that it could even be combined with the goblin serum. So maybe some kind of Green Goblin and venom hybrid with Harry Osborn which honestly sounds super cool. We’ve seen the insanity that was red goblin before in the comics with Norman and carnage coming together. So a venom slash Goblin Harry is something that I would be excited to see especially. if he’s like a bad originally and then he becomes good or something like that I’m into it could be fun.

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1 Edward Saks 

Edward Saks gets such a high spot because of just verifying lea massive he is and how evil he is as well he’s pretty evil. This version of Venom has taken up a job in politics and appears to be in the mayor of New York. Mayor Waters aid in the spider-man rain storyline which takes place on earth seven zero two three seven. Edwards Agassi is referred to though appear to be the one pulling the mayor’s strings and seems to have more control than most aides over what goes on in the city of New York. He also has been working to bring back the sinister six. He also made thousands of copies of the Venom symbiote and is responsible for the web. A security group responsible for preventing anyone from leaving the city.

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