Top Senior Secondary School in Jaipur

VSI International School is a top school in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

It envisions to make their student’s lifelong learners of knowledge & values and grooms them into the new innovators or creators of change in the world. The school ensures quality education and growth of every child. The school is equipped with many facilities and programs to provide an enhanced and integrated learning experience to the students. The team of teachers are skilled in their areas of subjects and expertise and are zealous to make their students achieve a higher level of knowledge and skills.

For senior secondary students, the school offers subjects in the streams of Science, Commerce, and Arts. The RBSE syllabus and VSI International

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School’s exclusive study pattern helps them in learning concepts in the best way possible.

Founding Year 1979
Curriculum RBSE
Student-teacher ratio 20:1


Pre-school wing

Primary wing

Senior wing

The best school in Jaipur, Rajasthan- VSI International School offers the following facilities to students.

Facilities at VSI International School

  • Labs-Computer lab, Science lab for practical learning and training.
  • Transportation-AC Buses and GPRS systems installed.
  • Digital teaching aid and smart classroom, Air-conditioned classrooms
  • Sports area and swimming pool
  • Activity room for co-curricular activities.
  • The library stocked with a big collection of books from a wide range of subjects.

Make your students a learner, a performer, and an achiever at VSI International School, Jaipur.

Student life at VSI International School, Jaipur

Academics: The variety of subjects builds the analytical and logical part of the human brain (the left side). The school authorities and faculties endeavor academic growth and success in students. The school is an English Medium School in Jaipur and follows the RBSE curriculum.

Education of various subjects and languages like Science, Maths, Social studies, English, and Hindi is essential, but regular activities are equally important too. The right brain develops with the skills of intuition, imagination, and creativity. That is why playing sports and other co-curricular activities are the foundation of right-brain development. Student life at VSI International School is not just limited to classrooms and academics but also involves many types of enrichment and co-scholastic activities for their holistic development.

Sports: Physical activities like sports maintain the overall fitness level of students. VSI International is the Best School in Jaipur for sports and other activities. The school has facilities for indoor games and outdoor sports like cricket, basketball, badminton, tennis, and table tennis, etc. Martial arts like Judo and Karate are also a part of the regular sports classes. A specific time is also allotted for Swimming for boys and girls separately.

Educational visits: Learning by experience is considered as one of the best methods of teaching. The school frequently organizes educational visits and outings to industries for students. Students have a limited concentration span; they are easily more inclined towards finding new things, which makes them curious to discover and learn new facts. These types of trips give students something new to learn. It also gives them exposure to practical learning and the present industry culture.

Music: Teaching music at school is important because it helps students beyond developing passion and skills to play a musical instrument and singing. Developing musical skills or singing improves coordination between the hands, eyes, and mind and imagination. It also helps relieve stress and develops a feeling of sympathy and harmony. Students get the opportunity to learn various types of musical instruments like piano guitar and others and get lessons on singing at VSI International School in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Dance: It is one of the creative expressions of communication of feelings and ideas. The skill of dance builds confidence, helps deal with stage-fear in students. The other important fact is that it keeps students physically fit. For many students, dance also becomes a passion, which can be later turned into a successful career path.

Painting, art, and craft: The lessons and of creativity teach students the morals of appreciating the efforts of artisans, be it a painter, sketch artist, ceramist, potter, designer of textile or jewelry, etc. Students also enhance their creative thinking and creativity skills by learning different types of art forms.

Competitions: Competitive exams and other competitions in the fields of sports and co-curricular activities introduce students to the global competitive environment. Many tournaments and contests are regularly held all across the schools in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Students of VSI International School participate in many sports competitions and bring laurels to the school.

Admissions Open

The admission process at VSI International School follows the following easy steps

Step 1

Fill out the registration form.

Step 2

Attach three passport size photographs of the applicant, photocopy of a birth certificate attested by an authorized officer with the registration form.

Step 3

Submit the registration fees and the registration form at the reception.

Contact Information

Interested in enrolling your child at VSI International School? Use the below-mentioned contact information to ask away your queries.


Sec. 5, Pratap Nagar,

Tonk Road, Sanganer, Jaipur (Raj.)



0141 – 2793080



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