How to identify the Best International School in Bangalore?

Parents often find that identifying the Best International School in Bangalore for their kids is never an easy choice. Fortunately, Bangalore does not lack behind when it comes to global standard quality education. Here are the most crucial aspects to be considered while finalizing the Best school in Bangalore:

The needs of the child

Every child has specific essential needs – emotional, mental, social, motor, spiritual, lingual, intellectual, creative, etc. These together contribute to shaping the holistic personality that parents would like to ensure for their children.

The comfort level of the child can be assessed when it comes to learning a lesson or activity through systematic assessment. This includes the level of structured or unstructured ambience that it needs and the level of tough task manageable. It must also be considered if the child requires personal attention or it can excel as a part of a group.

Parents must also pay attention to the challenges faced by the child in learning. They must identify the environment that motivates their child to be expressive and creative.

The learning style of the child

As each child has a diverse need of variable degree, their style of learning would also be variable. This will depend on their interest or even the level of distraction. It is for this reason that an ideal International School in Bangalore will have diverse styles of learning. Some may even adopt these styles as their major teaching approach.

How a child grasps and retains information must be observed by the parents. The must-see if the child gets stimulated through auditory/visual stimuli and if it better relates through self-reading or by listening to explanation by another person.

The kinesthetic, analytical, logical, scientific, artistic, musical, and similar other instincts of the child also need appropriate consideration. Parents can make a wiser decision when they are reasonably aware of these specific needs of their child.

The benchmark features of Best International School in Bangalore 

Once parents assess the specific needs of their child, they must consider the below factors while seeking an ideal International School in Bangalore:



This can be regarded as the most crucial factor for an ideal international school. Your child will receive not mere education at the school. Thus, the physical ambience must be adequately stimulating and well-equipped.

The basic infrastructure consists of Hostels (both for girls and boys if co-ed system), library, laboratories, good digitalized classrooms, and internet amenity. Sports infrastructure or play area, essential transportation, and hygienic washrooms must also be present.


The provisions that are equally crucial for consideration include a hygienic cafeteria offering nutritious and well-balanced meals, 24X7 Medical assistance and standard health check-ups, and Career Counseling and Counseling services. The school must also have particular sessions on social issues, awareness programs, and personality development.

Curriculum & Pedagogy 

The school must be mandatorily accredited as innumerable schools have mushroomed in the city and some are fake as well. Parents will find IGCSE schools in Bangalore, CBSE, and some international schools offer IBDP as well.


The secure ambience is a priority, specifically in residential schools. The campus must have an adequate number of skilled security guards and CCTV cameras. Other safety aspects of the child are also important apart from physical safety.

The child must be monitored for internet usage and must be made to feel emotionally secure. This is through reliable Teachers, Counselors, and Mentors on the school campus.

Cambridge Assessment International Education – CAIE 

Cambridge programs and qualifications are the global benchmarks for quality education. They are developed by subject experts, updated with the latest educational research and rooted in academic fervour.

Each year, roughly 1 million Cambridge learners get ready for their future with an education from CAIE accredited institutions.

Along with schools, CAIE develops Cambridge learners who are responsible, confident, reflective, engaged, and innovative. They are thus fully equipped for being successful in the modern world.

Nalapad Academy – A Premier CAIE Accredited Institution 

The guiding light for the formation of Nalapad Academy was the inspiration to create the Best International School in Bangalore that stands apart as a global standard educational institution. We impart world-class quality education to provide a holistic learning experience.

As a CAIE Accredited Institution, our programs are developed as per the international curriculum. These are amalgamated with immersive co-curricular activities.

Nalapad Academy intends to nurture its students into innovators, risk-takers, knowledgeable, thinkers, and life-long learners. Our curriculum is designed in a way that lays equal emphasis on academics, visual art, sports, music, and theatre arts.

It is our firm belief that every child is unique and merits the ambience needed for growing as confident leaders of the future. Our pragmatic and student-focused learning approach enables every child to realize their potential and get prepared for future challenges.

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