Graduation day did not stop due to COVID. It all went virtual!

Due to the onset of Covid-19, billions of students are getting affected by institution closures, where both professionals and students have started adapting themselves to a work-from-home modelWhile most people seem to worry about the future of students on-going education, the Cavendish University one of the most reputed and exceptional Universities in Uganda is enjoying its 9th graduation day virtually at its full swing. Yes, you heard it right. And that could only be possible because they have been practicing virtual classes since 2008Teaching remotely takes creativity, dedication, and regular contact. And CUU has proved to master that task so well. They believe in the pursuit of excellence and in leveraging technology to its fullest even before COVID-19 struck the world. Their mode of virtual learning has been at the forefront of ensuring that the education process of their students is in the continuum, and nothing acts as a barrier, even during the pandemic.  

While the world paused, CUU graduation Day did not! 

Graduation is considered one of the most important milestones for graduate that signifies the culmination of several years of hard work. ThusCUU being such a great and reputed institution could never miss this chance of congratulating the students and celebrating such special moments with them. This was the 9th, yet the first-ever graduation ceremony that was celebrated virtually because the college authorities wanted to keep a balance between the neefor promoting students’ employability and the need to prevent the spread of the Novel Corona Virus. They wanted to enable their deserving students to obtain their academic papers so that they can secure new jobs, proceed with the promotions at the workplace, or pursue further education and make their contribution to the world amidst this pandemic. 

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There are so many organizations that are searching for innovative ways to improve their productivity, sustainability, efficiency, and effectiveness during this pandemic outrage. But these university students are blessed to get the right knowledge from their professionals about knowing how to be dependent on one’s ability and convert their knowledge into better ways of doing business, improving service delivery, and scaling big ideas amidst this pandemicAs students here are exposed to vast demography of people from different countries, cultures, ethnicities, languages, and learning environmentsit becomes even easier for them to open doors of opportunities for many in different geographical and political settings by creating powerful and helpful networks. 

 CUU with the help of best and highly qualified teachers in their 9th graduation day has successfully gifted to the world a total of 809 graduates who are well trained, highly skilled and intellectually grounded to add value in terms of providing excellent services and crafting workable solutions to the social and development challenges. 

 CUU values and mission 

The college believes a student must continue using online resources to educate himself to become a rich researcher and a successful innovator. CUU is best known for following its student-centric model of teaching and transforming them into responsible, educated, employable, and entrepreneurial citizens. The management thus has launched the Academic Merit Scholarships to provide financial assistance to brilliant, but financially disadvantaged students. The college professionals embed intelligence into its curriculum and impart employability skills to students with their virtual classes, active classrooms, flipped learning, technology-mediated hours, blended learning, and the development of soft skills through experiential learning. Hence, students, after graduation, can embody excellenceembrace innovation, uphold high ethical standards by being responsible, respectful, self- reliant, and operating with integrity.  

Because success begins at Cavendish University 

It’s important to keep in mind that this pandemic won’t last forever. So, be patient, be positive, and look forward to functioning as an adaptive innovator in your futureAnd how would you make that happen? Simply by getting admission to this college today. Visit the website now to know the admission process of the Cavendish University of Uganda as well as the application system and be a part of this outstanding university that offers quality education incorporating new learning developments and theories at an affordable fee. As you find your footing in the CUU learning environment, keep calm, ask for help when needed, celebrate small victories, contribute to the online community, and stay focused on your end-goal.  

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