The Evolution of Car workshops in Al Quoz!

Cars are amazing. So are car mechanics. Have you ever thought about driving luxurious cars without a dedicated and qualified car mechanic? Life would have been miserable without a single auto workshop. Today, most of the people can enjoy their ride without any fear. Thanks to car mechanics. It’s all because of their constant hard and toil and the knowledge about the modern technologies that make us feel we are in safe hands. Just like Rome, car workshops were not built in a day. It took a long decade to understand the need for a car repair garage and the changes brought to it. Unlike many other major inventions, the original idea of car workshops in Al Quoz cannot be attributed to a single individual. The idea occurred during the early 1800s when few autos mechanics created first cars. 


Early Invention in its 1800s! 

The history of auto mechanics began when they first created cars. Those creators were considered as the first auto mechanics. They engineered, designed, and built the first successful automobiles, and launched a trade where people would come and buy their products. As the early automobiles were advanced but not standardized, car owners used to face a lot of difficulties in finding people who could repair their just-invented machine. Very few car owners could find a driver who had specialized knowledge in maintaining cars, thus saving their employers from car-repair headaches. Recognizing the ability of their drivers, few car owners decided to open up a car workshop that was willing to learn the trade. 

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Standardization in its early 1900s! 

As more and more automobiles were produced and people began driving cars, trade schools were built to train mechanics, and soon the auto repair shops started to show up. Many independent repair shops and dealerships completed the repairs while many dealers and private businesses began offering mechanical services due to which the car repairing business started at a full swing. The most experienced mechanics worked faster, resulting in lower costs to the owner thus making more business for the mechanic or dealer. 


Stagnation from the 1930s to Mid-Century 

Due to a huge competition between the business mechanics and the individual owners, auto maintenance trade declined but was forced to continue making a profit despite its inability to evolve until demand increased. During this time until the mid-century, there were not enough tools and machines for car maintenance. Hence, even the Paint, was far less durable than the paints available today. Thus, cars needed frequent touch-ups for protection from the elements. Car owners used to paint their automobiles by hand with brushes.  


Level of advancement to the present day 

The growth of the middle class created a new demand for cars again, which further brought a huge demand for auto repair shops. As technology improvements were made, mechanics needed to be more skilled and advanced. The 1970s was a turning point for the car workshops in Al Quoz. Advanced tools were becoming readily available, and demands for repairing different luxurious cars started increasing. The mandatory repairing of a car engine, A/c services, plastic re-texturing, oil changing, car detailing, brakes, and headlights proved that car repair was becoming more standardized. As the car workshops continued to grow and advance, the auto repair industry started becoming more advanced in technology resulting in more efficient, powerful vehicles with an increasing number of long-living auto mechanics working in the field.  

The focus areas of the modern-day car workshop in Al Quoz are: 


  • Engine expertise 

  • Chassis work and repair tools 

  • Transmissions, axles, driveshafts, and torque converters 

  • Electrical circuits 

  • Fuel types and systems 

  • Diagnostics 

  • Preparing a vehicle for repair 

  • Welding and glass 

  • Part alignment and laser equipment 

  • Plastic retexturing 

  • Primer cleaning guns 

  • Paint mixing, application, and buffing 


In the last 25 years, the car workshops in Al Quoz have seen huge technological advancements with the introduction of computer software programs. As a result, today’s mechanics are more knowledgeable about the cars you drive. They also use other technology-related devices such as tablets and scanners while repairing or doing any maintenance working on your vehicles. 


If you’re experiencing a problem with your car that’s exclusive to a model, consider taking the vehicle to a trusted and reputed auto repair shop near you. Almost all car garages provide the same service with their modern equipment. But if you still want to figure out the best car workshops among the rest, visit ZDEGREE . It’s one of the leading car workshops in Al Quoz having its other centers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain too. You will also be guaranteed with the world-class experience when you take your automobile here. From tyre repair, brakes replacement, and car window tinting, to oil change service, car detailing and car inspection, ZDEGREE has everything you need. They work according to the different needs and personal preferences of the customers. The qualified mechanics go through the genuine condition of your vehicle, your style of driving & aspects that affect car maintenance. Unlike other car repair shops in Al QuozZDEGREE provides you with a report on what maintenance is needed now and what maintenance can hang on until the next visit. Want to experience the new perks of the advanced technology for your car’s maintenance? Click here to book the appointment and get your car repair done at the standard market price. Be confident. As your vehicle is in safe hands. 

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