How car AC maintenance in Dubai is bound to make an impact on your car!

You have already stepped into the scorching summer month of April, where the temperatures can rise up to as high as 60 degrees Centigrade. And going out without an AC system would just turn your car into a big microwave. The air conditioner is a broad and general term, and the system itself is quite complex with a lot of parts working together with such as the evaporator, blower, expansion valve, compressor, drier, and condenser. Proactive are those who frequently take their cars to the repair garages to get their car’s AC checked. But what about the others who simply neglect it and find their car AC system not working? They Need an immediate AC repair professional. Despite having some knowledge about how AC works, most of you fail to understand the impacts of a routine AC maintenance in your car. So, read out to find the answer to this biggest question about how AC maintenance in Dubai can have a great impact on your car. 


ACs inside rooms and cabins are placed to help people relax and keep them fatigue-free. It is also essential for health as it balances the temperature of the body. But have you ever wondered what are the impacts of having a properly functional AC inside a car?   


  • When a vehicle is in a congested state, you face a lot of traffic, due to which, the car’s speed usually slows down. This is when only a proper functional AC provides you with a comfort zone. 
  • As summers are usually super hot and humid in the UAE, driving becomes quite difficult. Only an effective AC system can help to maintain the cool temperature in the car and make the environment humid free.  
  • An effective AC doesn’t only maintain the cool environment, it also filters the air which is quite important in the polluted cities which further protects you from hazardous air pollution and health issues. 

Now that you know how your life is impacted by a properly functional AC car, don’t you think you should know how an AC can impact your car as well?  

How does the AC draw power? 

Your car’s AC  takes power from the engine. And this additional pressure of the air conditioning system puts a load on the engine which even though it is prepared to take, it has its effects. When it propels energy to the cooling mechanism it inevitably divides its full energy into two, affecting the throttle of the car and affecting the performance of the car. 

How much pressure is put on the engine? 

The amount of effect on the engine’s performance depends on : 

  • the condition of the engine,  
  • power of the vehicle’s air conditioning system 
  • the manufacturing date of your car.  

Newer the car, the lesser the effect on the engine.  

How can the performance issues be minimized due to the cooling system? 

The performance issues of the car due to the AC system can be minimized by simple practices: 

  1. Using the AC feature when/if necessary,  
  1. Setting the temperature of the AC, according to the heat outside the vehicle. 
  1. Keeping in mind, to switch off the AC while turning the ignition on. 

It’s true that your car AC does put a huge affect on the performance of your car, but it can be easily reduced. How? Yes, you guessed it right! You definitely need to take your car for a routine AC maintenance to a trusted car workshop in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain 


How often do you need your car AC maintenance done in Dubai? 

Most of you often have noticed that your car’s AC has failed to give you the refreshingly cool air. This happens due to the low amount of Freon in the car which is not a good sign. Even though it’s a small leak, it needs attention. Take your car to ZDEGREE – the leading car AC repair workshop in DubaiAbu Dhabi, and Al Ain. They will perform an AC performance check by getting to the root of the problem and will definitely bring your car’s AC  back in good condition. When it’s ZDEGREE and its car AC service, you need not worry about the quality of their work. As their quality of service and their products really do justice to what you pay! ZDEGREE takes care of all the car’s AC that is required for passenger and fleet/commercial vehicles.  


It has become impossible for you to step out of your home and take your car for AC maintenance in Dubai due to the impact that has taken place all over the world. But what if you plan to get your car’s AC repaired so that you can enjoy yourself with your family once everything becomes normal? Do not worry, ZDEGREE believes in “the customer is the first priority”, so they are providing you with excellent service at your doorstep. All you need to do is just click here to book the appointment online and get your car AC maintenance done in Dubai without any hassle! The best time for AC service at ZDEGREE workshops is early spring before it gets too hot. So this is the time! Go for it! 

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