6 alarming signs that your car needs new brakes!

 brakes service in Dubai,

If one of the red and yellow brake indicators lights up on your car’s dashboard, it means that you need to get your car brake re-check done. This can be considered as the sensitivity of the electronic devices in the vehicle which is there to warn the driver about any problem. 

If you hear a high-pitched screeching noise when you apply your car brakes, don’t worry—it doesn’t mean they are going to give out any minute. Such noise is actually coming from a small piece of metal built into your car brake pads that’s intended to let you know when the pads are getting worn-out and need to be replaced soon.  So, if you need brake services, call ZDEGREE at 04 3105600 / 800 933 4733-one of the most eminent and affordable auto workshops in Sharjah and the whole of the UAE.  

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to stop at brisk but it feels like the brakes aren’t stopping fast enough or they aren’t as responsive as they should be, then this is all due to a leakage in the braking system. Don’t worry! ZDEGREE mechanic will sort it out. They will either detect an air leak in the brake hose, or a leak in the brake fluid. 

On the other hand, if you are having difficulty in pushing the pedal near the floor to get the brakes engaged, then be sure that you are either low on brake fluid, there’s air in the brake fluid, or the brake pads are too thin. It can also be a problem in your car’s hydraulic system. At ZDEGREE, experts will diagnose it properly and will make sure you experience a smooth functioning of the vehicle while on the road. 

Burning rubber is perhaps one of the most distinct and alarming smells you will come across when driving. If you catch a whiff of burning rubber while applying brakes in normal traffic situations, be sure that the system is having significant damage. The brakes when worn downcannot effectively create friction without eating into the rubber pads and so it needs to be replaced.  

If you have somehow missed the screeching reminder of your brake pads getting low, Stop worrying! Because soon, you will be able to hear an even worse sound: the heavy metallic grinding or growling sound which is coming from the metal plate due to rubbing against the rotor. This means the pads have worn down completely and will in turn scratch the rotors or even melt the metal together and cause your car brakes to stick. You need to address such kind of safety hazards immediately. 


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